About Mrs Indre Baltic

Contactinfo ….

+49 157 576 699 66 (SMS/Whatsapp only, in Engels of Duits)

Tarieven ….

  • 30 minuten: 150 euro
  • 60 minuten: 250 euro

Services ….

  • Watching masturbation
  • Lacquer/leather/wetlook/latex
  • Introduction of beginners
  • pee/caviar (active)
  • Spitting/Spanking
  • urethral treatment
  • Facesitting with nylons, leggings
  • Face slapping
  • orgasm control
  • Verbal eroticism/dirty talk
  • fixation
  • Education from soft to hard, baby education, whore education
  • feminisation
  • long-term education
  • diaper training
  • partner education
  • women’s education
  • pet play
  • Various role-playing games
  • demonstration
  • training
  • chastity
  • detention
  • double session
  • outdoor session
  • humiliation
  • strap on
  • anal treatment
  • Anal stretching
  • prostate massage
  • fisting
  • wax games
  • Nipple play/torture
  • cane/crop/whip
  • Foot & shoe eroticism (feet, nylons, heels and more)
  • Electro treatment, games
  • trampling
  • Ballbusting/ CBT
  • branding, torture
  • bondage
  • Sadistic
  • Menstrual Fetish
  • clinic games
  • forced ejaculation
  • Various fetishes
  • video shoots
  • surveys
  • Detailed investigations
  • Pulse and high blood pressure measurements
  • needling
  • enemas
  • OP simulations
  • Nipple treatments (also extreme)
  • testicle torture
  • Anal stretches
  • fisting
  • prostate massages
  • strap on
  • Urethra stretches (dilators – urethral vibrator)
  • Forced ejaculation
  • Pampers/Bby education
  • masks
  • N’s therapies
  • CV therapies
  • stimulation current therapies
  • segufix
  • long-term therapies
  • Fixations/bondage also on the gyn. chair
  • orgasm control
  • shaves
  • branding
  • menstrual therapies
  • Psychotherapies
  • sensory deprivation
  • And much more just ask me…
  • Online services:
  • sex chat
  • online education
  • voice messages
  • pictures
  • Videos (porn)
  • camera


  • Intimate contact (GV, AV)
  • Vomit/ Roman shower
  • Kiss
  • slaughter
  • castration
  • Animals


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Mrs Indre Baltic stelt haarzelf voor:


“Have you always desired to make your darkest fantasies come true, but you’ve never dared to?

Are you fed up with your boring day to day life?

Then you’re at the right place!

I am Lady Indre Baltic, 29 years old, born in Lithuania, yet have been living in Germany NRW region for years now.

I am a self-confident young woman, sometimes a dominant lady and sometimes sensually seductive with erotic charisma. A woman that you’ve dreamed of!

Beautiful as on the picture, with an erotic accent, bittersweet and hard at the same time. Who loves playing with you.

Driving both- men and women insane!

Carrot and stick as well as clinic games, feminization and fetishism are my passion.

I discovered in early days, that men are inferior to me and have only one task – to serve me!

Extremely sadistic and strict, I really enjoy testing new boundaries. To use you, to torment you, to play with your horniness and to beguile you with my charms. I can still be empathetic and understanding.

Despite my angelic appearance, I master it to subdue you skillfully.

I am here to fulfill your longings, to satisfy your deepest desires, to give you what you really need and what you deserve.

That’s one side of me, but there’s another too…

My exhibitionism – I enjoy making my sexual games a reality in front of the camera. The thought that you get horny and satisfy yourself turns me on.

So in my virtual life there are not only dominant videos but also pornographic ones, also with different actresses.

Of course, beginners and people with disabilities are also very welcome!”