About Lady Estelle

Lady Estelle for Kinky Devils

Looks …

  • Oost-Europees
  • 29 jaar
  • Blond haar
  • Blauwe ogen
  • Cup D
  • 1,65m

Talen …

  • Duits
  • Engels

Specialiteiten …

  • Role playing of any kind
  • Face sitting
  • Oral slavery training
  • CBT
  • Ball busting
  • Anal expansion
  • Strap-ons
  • Games
  • Spanking
  • Humiliation
  • High heels
  • Nylons
  • Foot worship
  • Trampling
  • Latex
  • Introduction for beginners
  • Feminisation/whore training
  • Fixations of any kind
  • Dirty games (Champagne & Caviar, Vomit)


Ontvangt vooral in Duitsland in Berlijn bij studio Sweet Tabu. Als ze in Nederland is, ontvangt Lady Estelle in een luxe discrete BDSM locatie van SM Studio Nederland in Amersfoort of Almere.

Contact info …

+49 176 97898448 (Whatsapp in Engels of Duits)

Lady Estelle in haar eigen woorden …

I am Estelle, a magical, playful being that will put a spell on you and overwhelm you like you have never witnessed it before. Many men who have fallen for me describe me as a tender sadist who is always happy to try out new things.

My lean, delicate figure, my long blonde hair and my sweet smile will not reveal to you the brutalities that I am capable of. First, I show myself as a gentle seductress and I bewitch you with my sweet-talk, but as soon as I start to lay on your chains, you notice the spark in my eyes and start to feel a change in my substance.

The dark goddess in me awakens and has chosen you as her victim.

And so I place my well-shaped butt cheeks on your face and take your breath away. When my passion fully overcomes me, I order you to drink my sweet champagne. You will serve your mistress and you will not refuse any of her perverted cunnilingus fantasies. I love to force men to satisfy my lust.

The higher your commitment, the higher the chance for you to be chosen for such a service. So make an effort and make sure you please your goddess! My beauty is like a trap. I look so sweet and girly, but in me is a small playful she-devil. You will be begging for mercy with your exasperated moaning and suffering, no, the game is not near to over! It peaks in a discharging frenzy of my unbridled lecherousness up to my rapture about your agonies.

Your lust is my lifeblood

Since I was a young girl, I have found nothing more exciting than to kindle the lust of men, to fire it and to discharge them into a firework of the senses. To see how you desire me, to hear you moan, to feel you struggle: all that is a pleasure to me and a necessity. Your lust is also mine.

Your imagination is my inspiration

The world of imagination is without boundaries, and each fantasy is different. A world full of unexpected discoveries and surprising possibilities. I am extremely curious and am looking forward to you sharing your fantasies with me: the more extraordinary, the better! Your secret wishes and needs are in good hands with me. I will tend and nurse them with devotion. I will listen to you, understand you and feel with you.

Live your fantasies in an absolute kind of way

Your fantasies are your well-kept treasure, your deepest and your own. Your fantasies are some of the most precious things you have. That´s why you should live them out in a special, exceptional way. Let me be part of this treasure and let me make your erotic adventure an unforgettable experience.

I love opposites

I am a fairy and a latex minx. I am a school girl and a sadistic tyrant. I am loving and cruel. I am sensitive and brutal. Reckon on being surprised. Expect the unexpected. Let yourself be astonished and confused by me and let me take your breath away.

I love role-playing

You want to have it off with a nurse? To do a stewardess on the aircraft lavatory? To be tormented by a sex-monster? Oh yes, play with me! I love to slip into various roles and be someone completely different for a change – It doesn´t matter if it´s crazy, playful or perverted. I love games!